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FOUND PROPERTY -- When Peter and I were cleaning up after the DDI we found an I-Pod. If you lost one, please send a description to SherylKaz@hvc.rr.com and I will mail the I-Pod to you. Sadly, we found only one, so if your description does not match it we will be unable to reunite you with your device. We still have a watch, a cell phone, a cell phone charger, an HP computer adapter and a pair of regular glasses, which we left with Ken, should you want those items back. Other than that, we found only LOTS of fans. Sheryl

You will find pictures, files, videos and general information about the institute provided by the DDI Staff. If you have any questions about the DDI, requests for further information, or would like to submit something to post, please feel free to email me.DebateGrp2_.jpg

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